Senin, 28 Agustus 2017

Recipe Sie Reuboh Typical Aceh Besar

Ingredients : 
  1. 1 kg of beef no 2 (with less fat) 
  2. 50 ml of vinegar 
  3. 2 segang galangal (diblender / milled and discharged water)
  4. 1 pound lemongrass (digeprek)
Ground spices : 
  1. 10 pcs red chilli 
  2. 15 pcs of cayenne pepper (adjust for spicy ones) 
  3. 5 cloves of garlic 
  4. 2 segments of turmeriC
  5.  1 segment of ginger


     Cut meat according to taste and wash clean

     Combine smua finely spiced etc in the ground cauldron, stirring evenly

     Cook in small fire smpai boil (jgn mix water dlu yes sis)

Add water smpe meat sink, cover and wait until the meat is soft

     Sie reuboh ready. Presented 😊😊

     Nb: sie reuboh is more delicious even in the heat continuously

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