Minggu, 20 Agustus 2017

Types of Lipstick To Beautify Women's Lips

The many types of lipstick offered by makeup brands make the women have the freedom to be creative in accordance with the latest beauty trends. This applies especially to women who pursue professional makeup. For makeup artist (MUA) and beauty blogger / professional vlogger choose the type of lipstick, of course not just arbitrary and just choose the best.Various kinds of lipstick circulating in cosmetics stores may just make you confused choose the most suitable lipstick. To choose the right lipstick, you need to recognize various kinds of lipstick and its usefulness. If you already know the various kinds of lipstick and its function, other considerations are choosing a brand make up recommended, as well as understand the advantages and disadvantages of this type of lipstick.

1) Lipstick Type - Creamy Lipstick

2) Lipstick Type - Lip Liner

  3) Lipstick Type - Sheer / Gloss Lipstick

4) Lipstick Type - Liquid Lipstick

 5) Lipstick Type - Crayon Lipstick

6) Lipstick Type - Lipstick Palette

7) Lipstick Type - Matte Lipstick

8) Lipstick Type - Frosty Lipstick

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