Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017

A T-shirt

A black boy, born in the slums of Brooklyn, New York, he passed his life in a poor and discriminating environment. One day his father gave him a secondhand clothes. "What do you think the value of this outfit is?" Asked his father. He replied, "Maybe 1 USD" "Can it sell for 2 USD? If it works, then you have helped your father and mother, "his father said. "I will try," the child responded Then he took the clothes to the subway station and sold for over six hours, finally he managed to sell 2 USD and run home. Later, his father again handed over a piece of used clothes to him, "Now do you sell for 20 USD?" "How could it be? This outfit is only 2 USD, "he said to Dad. His father said, "Why did not you try it first?" Finally, he got the idea. He asks for his cousin's help to describe a funny Donald Duck and a mischievous Mickey Mouse on the clothes. He then sold it at the school of the rich boy, and sold 25 USD. His father returned to give a piece of used clothes to him, "Are you able to sell it for 200 USD?" This time he accepted without any hesitation, by the occasion of popular movie actress "Charlie Angels", Farrah Fawcett was in New York, after a press conference, he broke through the security guards and asked Farrah Fawcett to sign on his used clothes. Then sold USD 1500. Later that night, his father asked, "My son, from the experience of selling these three pieces of clothing, what do you understand?" He replied "As long as we want to think there must be a way." His father shook his head, "You're not wrong, but that's not what dad means, Dad just wants to tell you that a single dollar worth of clothing can be scaled up. Especially as we humans? Maybe we are dark and poor, but what's the difference? "The father said. Since then, he has studied harder and more rigorous training, twenty years later, his name is well-known worldwide.

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