Jumat, 18 Agustus 2017

Rujak Fruit Fresh

This afternoon, the heat is shaking, the caterpillar is fresh, there are fruits in the fridge, it's good to ngerujak. Rujak is never bored to eat.
Here are the ingredients and how to make it :

 Ingredients :
     2 pieces of pineapple
     2 pieces of yam
     2 slices of melon
     2 slices of watermelon
     1 piece of candied guava
     2 guava fruit
     10 green chilies
     3 tablespoons fried peanuts, roughly ground
     100 gr Brown sugar
     2 tbsp of tamarind water
     1/2 tsp of shrimp paste
     To taste salt
     To taste mineral water

 The steps are as follows:

 1. Cut the pieces according to taste.
2. Ulek cayenne pepper, salt, shrimp paste, gulamerah, enter tamarind water mix well.
3. Add peanut, give water to taste, mix well.
4. Serve with pieces of fruit.
5. Enaaakk..pedes-pedes segerrrr
6. A plate like gk is pretty hehee ...

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